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Waiting for an answer.

August 4, 2010

He and I have decided to try to have another kid.

I stopped taking my pills just before the end of June. I started my period [.] on the 29th and haven’t started again since. It’s been 36 days and I’m getting anxious. I’ve taken 3 tests so far and all have come out negative. One on the 30th, the 1st and today, the 4th. I’m getting rather frustrated not knowing if I’m pregnant or not. I would really like to know one way or the other.

It being my first full month off of the pill I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait if I’m not pregnant. I feel like I am. I mean, I don’t have any symptoms per se. Every once in a while I fell a tinge of nausea, but that could be just nerves or something. (I almost threw up after eating a fried egg the other morning, but I’m not entirely sure that had anything to do with anything) But I Feel like I’m pregnant. Maybe it’s just because I want it to be true.

At first I wasn’t positive that I wanted it to happen right away, I thought I’d want to wait till the end of the summer, but now that it might be happening I’m really excited about it.

I was hoping that the test I took today would come out positive, so I could surprise Him at work with the news. Also my parents are coming into town for vacation starting tonight, and I really wanted to be able to tell them about it.

We haven’t even told anyone that we’re trying, not our parents or anyone. I’m still telling people that I don’t know when we’re having another kid – which is true, since I don’t know for sure if I’m pregnant yet.

I’m just hoping that I’ll find out one way or the other, and Soon!

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