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A Little of Everything

May 26, 2011

The new baby’s coming along nicely. I’m just about as big right IMG_0673 - 29.5 wksnow (at 29.5 weeks) as I was with Summer at 33 weeks! It’s pretty crazy.
She finally and unofficially has a name that will be announced soon. We will probably be telling the families tonight, so I should be able to spill on here in my next post.

Yesterday I went down to the hospital lab (at 7:30am!) to do my 3 hour glucose test. I failed the screening test, so I had to do the big one. I was fairly not happy about having to do it, but hopefully the results are good so I don’t have to do the blood sugar monitoring and all that junk. The test wasn’t as bad as I thought, I got a nice nap in, and got to read some magazines and whatnot. I actually didn’t feel as bad after this one as I did after the screening. That could have to do with the fact that I had to go to work right after the first one.

I got to work on my yard for quite a while yesterday, as well. I trimmed some of the hedges and weeded the unplanted half of my garden. IMG_0700IMG_0698I left a couple of clumps of grass, just to keep a little natural greenery. Summer and I are going to plant some poppy and cosmo seeds in that half today. Should be a nice little display when they all start blooming. The poppys are annuals, but from what I’ve read they reseed and naturalize quite often. That would make me happy. IMG_0697
I also planted my baby Catalpa tree in the yard today.  I tied it loosely to the stakes and put up a wind block on the western side – that’s where most of our spring wind comes from. It’s a nice little spot in our lawn and hopefully in a few years  it will be a good little shade tree. After that it should be a nice Big shade tree! I also IMG_0666have 3 avocado pits starting in shot glasses in the window. One of them is already starting to grow some little wispy roots.
I’m  hoping to get my gardens and lawn looking really nice this year. We’ll have to see  if it happens!

Summer asked a few days ago ifIMG_0693 I could teach her to sew. So today we went to the store and picked out some fabric and she helped me make a new pillow. She says that it’s going to be for the new baby when she’s taking care of her. She’s going to be such an awesome big sister.

Well, now I’m off to the grocery store to get stuff to make stuffed shells for supper. I’ve never made them before, so hopefully they turn out good. But then again, it’s my Mom’s recipe, so it should be pretty much fool-proof 🙂

That’s all from my world today. Okay, that’s not all, but that’s all I’m going to share right now!

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