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Boys and Girls

May 29, 2011

So I came to a realization today, or rather, a dual pointed conclusion. Either life as we know it changes drastically after high school is over, or I’ve changed drastically since high school. Could be both.

I was at work today, all giantly pregnant and things, such as I am as of late, and two of my fairly regular customers started talking about me – to me – and how all ‘the good ones’ are taken.
I have guys flirt with me at work every now and then, but it occurred to me today that, even with me being all pregnant and married I think some of them actually like me… When did this happen?
I mean, I guess in theory there were a few guys in high school that were ‘into me’, but none enough to actually say anything about it to my face or do anything about it.
There’s also the fact that I was Ridiculously skinny in high school and didn’t realize it, so I got made fun of a lot.
Sure, I have days when I think I look pretty good, but I’ve never thought of myself as particularly pretty or interesting or cool. I’m not a girly-girl, I’m not a badass, I don’t think I’m charming or really funny or anything like that…

So I just don’t know. Do guys’ standards and preferences really change that much after school is done? Or is it the fact that I’m married and therefore unobtainable? Or is there something else going on that I just don’t see?

Who knows…

I’m just thinking ‘outloud’ anyway.

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