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Baby Books and Other Wonderful Things

May 31, 2011

We have officially released the new baby’s name to the public. Her name is Ivy Rose.

Last night I wrote to Ivy and SJ in their baby books. They each have a hardbound notebook that I started writing in before they were born. I write about all kinds of things – the family, events, milestones, things that they do and like and don’t like.
It’s something that my Mom did for my sister and I when we were growing up, and a tradition that I hope my girls carry on with their kids. I really like going back and reading my book that my Mom wrote to me. It’s a great way to look back, and to see a little more of myself coming out in my girls.

Another fun development in our house – I was talking to my hubby last week and he said that when the laundry room is finished being repaired we can start building my pantry! A few years ago we had a puppy that chewed up two of the walls and the door in the laundry room (/the dog’s room). I’ve been working on patching them slowly (one corner was gnawed down to the stud) but I’m going to try to finish this week. I’m Really excited to be getting a pantry finally! I’ve had one planned for about 3 years now. Our cupboards are always stuffed full and I can never find anything without digging.

A couple of things died in our house this week. Our Oscar has been sick for a while now, and he died on Saturday. I found him on the bottom of his tank when I got home from work. We were all pretty sad about it. Our washing machine also died last night. Well, it didn’t totally die, but the spin bearing siezed and I’m fairly sure it burned up the belt. So that will have to be repaired, hopefully I’ll get that done tomorrow. Just hoping that bearing’s not too hard to get off and find the replacement for. The belt shouldn’t be a problem.

I worked on the garden a little bit last night as well. I got new hose for the drip system, and laid down the main line. It was fairly chilly out and I forgot a few pieces that I needed, so I couldn’t do as much as I wanted. Hopefully tonight will be above 50f out so I can finish running all the drip lines. Then, once I get the sprayers set up on her side, SJ and I have some poppy and cosmo seeds to plant.

This morning I’ve been on eBay shopping for maternity shirts. I have exactly 2 that are not long sleeved, so I’m in fairly desperate need. I’ve bid on 4 or 5 shirts that end today, so hopefully I’ll be adding to my wardrobe by next week. I still need to buy pants, though. I only have 3 of those, 2 of which are uncomfortable. However, I can’t buy pants online, I’m much too picky for that. Hoping to find some in town tomorrow or Thursday.

So all in all some pretty fun and exciting things going on lately.

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