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Boating and Laundry

June 6, 2011

Today marks the start of a special time of year in my house – The first day of boating season!

Last year we managed not to miss a single week out on the lake, well, one of the lakes, anyhow. I’m hoping we can make that happen again this year – until the impending birth of Ivy in August, that is.

I really look forward to packing up the boat every Sunday and heading out for a day of sun, sand and water. It’s kind of like meditation for me. Even if something goes wrong, just being out on the water has some kind of magical calming effect on me.

This year is a little different than last year. We didn’t get out quite as early as we did last year – only by about 3 weeks, though, and, of course, there’s the fact of me being giantly pregnant this summer. I feel slightly less sexy out on the water in a bikini right now, but all in all I really don’t care! It’s a little more awkward getting in and out of the boat, and I know I won’t be jumping off the swim decks any time soon, but it’s not as difficult as I thought it might be. My friends are all very supportive of my amazing beach [ball] body. I love them for that!

Today was really great, though. The weather wasn’t too hot at the lake, which was good because the water was only 55f, so we couldn’t do more than wade in it. We played on the beach for a while and got to see a hawk of some kind flying around with a freshly caught fish. Then it landed on a rock across the cove and ate it.

Hubby went fishing for a good part of the day and hooked a fairly huge rainbow trout. It looked pretty close to 24″ long, but it snapped the line just before I could catch it in the net. It also got away with his favorite lure, which he was pretty bummed about. He’s getting another one this week, though.


Today also marks another momentous day for me. This was the first time I’d actually washed clothes without a washing machine. Aside from the occasional ‘delicate’ item, that is.

Our washing machine has been having issues for a month or so, and it finally quit a few days ago. So having almost no clean socks or undies for myself, the munchkin, or the Man, I decided to wash clothes in the sink. It actually wasn’t that bad, and I think I did a pretty good job, too. I do need to get some dish washing gloves, though, because my poor fingernails do not like it at all, and I was out of regular latex gloves.

Hopefully we’ll either be able to fix the poor washer soon or find a good deal on a used one. -One of my friends works at an appliance store, so she’s looking to see what they have that we can get on the cheap.

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  1. June 6, 2011 5:45 am

    Could be closer to 20 inches ( allowing for fisherman’s exaggerations — I do it, too) but that is still a nice sized fish.

    Did I ever tell you about catching a shark on light tackle? True story. Of course, it was a baby leopard shark which was about the same length as that trout and skinnier….)

    • June 6, 2011 3:16 pm

      It may have been 20ish, but it also may have been closer to 28 – that fish was flailing a lot! It was huge, anyway, especially for a rainbow in this lake. Catching a shark would be really cool, even if it was just a baby!

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