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Before You Speak

June 7, 2011

Disclaimer: Today’s post is a bit more of a rant than usual, but I really don’t care. Enjoy!

Today has brought to mind a very important, yet often overlooked subject.
Thinking about the words that are about to come out of your mouth before they actually escape.

This seems to be a problem where I work – mostly for the customers. I say this because, to put it bluntly, some of them are dumbasses. Not all of them – or even the majority – just some.

Here is my biggest and latest example of thinking about your words. If you are ever in a hardware store and you see a pregnant woman working there, whom you don’t actually know, and who happens to not be smiling, Do Not look at her and say ‘Well, smile’ Because there is a good chance that she will, or will at least have a large urge to, kick your ass.

Think about this before you ever tell a pregnant woman to ‘smile’ or that she doesn’t look happy. If you say that, this may be our response (and will be mine the next time I’m not in a good mood and some random guy says something about it) – “Let’s try an experiment! We’ll get some special equipment and spread your pelvis about 1/2″ apart from where it is right now. Then we’ll give you a 30 pound weight to strap to the front of yourself and carry around for about a month. THEN you come back and we’ll see exactly how smiley YOU are!”

I think that is pretty fair, personally.

But, honestly, guys. No matter who you’re talking to, or what the situation is, you really should take a minute to think before you tell someone to smile. They could be having the worst day of their life and you’d have absolutely no idea.

Just a thought to put out there to make everyone’s lives a little more sane.

This is one of my many people related rants. You may see them surface once in a while. If you do, know that by the time I write about them I’m no longer pissed off… I just have to think about people and shake my head every now and again!

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