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Boys (Namely, the Men Who Still Act Like Them)

June 12, 2011

Sometimes there are boys who just never grow up. Actually, most boys never grow up, and that’s fine. They’re dorky and joke around all the time and just act like 15 year old boys. That’s just how it is.

Then, however, there are some boys who really REALLY need to grow up. The ones who obviously weren’t beaten enough as kids – or were beaten too much. They are mean, rude, obnoxious, and generally need a hard lesson in how the world works outside of high school. Moreover, they just need a general ass kicking.

Such a BOY has been coming in to my work lately. For the past two weeks he’s been coming in on my days off and asking for me,’ Blondie’, because I was helping him with a reward card issue (and he couldn’t manage to remember my name). Instead of being a normal human being and, after learning that I was out for the day, thanking whomever he asked and coming back another time he has been getting belligerent. Asking everyone that he came across if I was there (after already receiving the answer) and getting angry because they were telling him that I wasn’t in. He even asked one of the guys, Jay, to ‘step outside’ over it (the smallest of the three guys standing there, naturally). We’ll call this guy Blondie for easy reference, and because I find it slightly amusing.

Well, Blondie came in yesterday when I was on the cash register, as I often am on Saturdays. He asked Jay (who was waiting on another customer at the time)  for a certain product. Jay didn’t hear him well, and asked him to repeat himself. Blondie then very snidely repeated what he said, like he was offended that he had to do it.

After that, I got his card issue straightened out – with much arguing and carrying on. At one point he even threw his cards on the floor.

Before he left he went over to the group of guys that was talking near the front of the store and continued to be rude to them. One of my guys, E, was not having it and told him to have a nice day, as he pointed at the door. E is about 6’2 and 250 lbs. The guy left.

I’m thoroughly convinced that this guy thinks he’s being funny when he’s doing these things. He has some major issues.

The next time that he comes in to the store one of three things is going to happen. The Boss will be there and this guy will be told to never come back, I will be there and will tell him that he needs to apologize to Jay and stop acting like a 15 year old asshole  or leave and never come back, OR, option 3, he will mouth off to the wrong person and get his ass severely kicked. It could be some combination of the 3.

This last thought really applies to a lot of people – so pay close attention.

If you are reading this and happen to be a rude, immature asshole to people at your local hardware store (or anywhere else, for that matter), here is my advice: Next time you go there be nice. Be alarmingly, sappily nice, to everyone who works there. Apologize your ass off to all those you have been rude to – even if you thought you were just joking around – and start being a human being and treat people with common decency and respect. People don’t get paid to put up with assholes like you.

Have a great day, everyone!

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