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Animals and Children

June 16, 2011

There is a saying in show business: never work with animals or children. I think that especially holds true for the two in conjunction with each other.

Earlier tonight I was on DailyBooth, writing my blurb, and SJ was wrestling with the dog on the floor of the living room… nothing too unusual. – She climbs on him, tries to ride him, generally beat him up. He loves it. They’re pretty much best buds-  She jumped on his back, to ride him (a little too roughly), and he yelped and jumped away. Naturally she fell into the only sharp corner within 10 feet of them. She ended up smacking the back of her head on the corner of the wall.

The dog, as his nature was all kinds of concerned right after it happened. He was right there as soon as she fell, trying to see if she was okay. I jumped up to grab her and she started crying as soon as the shock wore off. I picked her up and was holding her, trying to calm her down. When I pulled my hand away from the back of her head it was bloody. I rushed her into the bathroom and grabbed one of my dark green washcloths.

— This is a little trick I learned from one of the ladies at work. —
A dark colored washcloth hides the blood well and helps keep the injured kid a little bit calmer

I always get pretty freaked out (as I think most moms do) when she hits her head, especially when there’s blood. In case you didn’t already know from experience, not only do scalp cuts bleed a ton, but they are really hard to find under all that hair.  Once I got the crying and bleeding to stop I found the 1/8” long little cut that was the source of the flow. There was a fairly long dent to go with it, which has since turned into about an inch and a half long bump.

After I got most of the blood out of her hair and we were both a little calmer we went back out to the living room. Poor dog was laying on the kitchen floor looking pitiful and heartbroken. I’m sure he thought he was in big trouble for dumping her off and making her get hurt. As soon as I patted his head he was back up and checking on her. As soon as she hugged him (and told him that she forgave him for throwing her into the wall) he was back to his old happy self. He’s pretty smart for a dumb dog.

Now the real question, has she learned her lesson about jumping on the dog? Probably not. I’m just hoping next time it doesn’t end up at the corner of something sharp…

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