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Time is Flying by

June 21, 2011

Today is officially the first day of Summer!! Bring on the warm weather, less wind and lots and lots of boating!! Summer is my favorite time of year. I’d always rather be hot than cold and I’m addicted to sunshine!

Right now it seems like everything is happening really fast. As of today there are 49 days left until my due date with Ivy and 41 days until my parents come out to visit. My sister is due with her second baby in 75 days.

I’ve started taking an iron supplement as of late. It’s starting to help a bit with my tiredness, which I had attributed to being pregnant and having a four year old. Turns out I’m slightly on the anemic side. Tonight I’m starting on the prescription size dose – I just hope the pills aren’t TOO big. From the look of the Rx they’re 300+ mg! Honestly, I’m a bit scared to find out.

Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to sort through/ organize more of the baby clothes. The smaller sizes (except the newborn ones) are all SpaceBagged and up in the closet. Now I have 18mos+ to go through. Hopefully I’ll be getting rid of a good portion of the 18mo clothes and some of the 2 and 3t. We have at least 4 bags of 18mos. Also going to go through more of SJ’s toys, filter out the baby stuff to put aside and purge another bag or two from her stash.

We’ll have to see how all that goes, though.

It’s time to get my butt in gear and start my day.

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