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Feeling Accomplished

June 23, 2011

Today was a pretty good day. SJ spent the day up at camp on the mountain with Grammy and I managed to get done a few things that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

Blurry pic, but it was on at the time...

I finally got the fan put up in Ivy’s room. I really like it and it cools that room down quite a bit, which is good, since that room is in the corner and always gets a little warm and stale. I put the blades on in rainbow order when I put it all back together – cuz I’m a little OCD like that. It looks really cool when it’s spinning, too.

A more corner-like corner

After the fan was up I decided to do some more work in the laundry room. I sanded, got the corner bead up, and mudded over that. It’s looking like a real wall again! I still need to put a little more mud on it, sand again, prime and then paint. Then I can start saving up and planning out my new pantry cupboards that Hubby is going to build for me in the kitchen!

I finally managed to burn the pictures from my niece’s wedding onto cd’s to send out to a few people, I did a little laundry at the in-laws’ in the afternoon, returned a couple things at work that I didn’t need, and got some cheap totes and a metal spatula at the dollar store. Hubby’s been wanting a metal spatula for a long time, but I could never find one anywhere between Goliath-sized and tiny flimsy ones. This one even has a bottle opener built into it.

When I got home again I put the new totes to work in my closet as Lego holders. Then I decided to finally tear apart the closet and throw away / donate / recycle a bunch of what was in there. I did manage to keep quite a bit, but it’s organized and consolidated and a whole lot neater than it was.

Hopefully sometime in the next couple weeks I can get the house back in some sort of order. There are still piles of baby clothes taking up one whole corner of the living room that need to find homes, and one more closet to really go through and clean the trash out of. We’ll see how it all goes!

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