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One Change

July 3, 2011

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been working on cleaning the house – a never ending task in our home, and many others that I know. I’ve been trying to take one room at a time and get it cleaned, purged and organized. It hasn’t been going as smoothly as I would like.

Two nights ago Hubby decided to take a few minutes to clean up the living room while I was outside spraying weeds. It looked so much better and we both were a little happier. Then he said something that really made me change a little of my thinking about keeping the house clean. It isn’t so much that our living room is always a mess, it’s that SJ’s princess table is always right in the middle of it. It makes it hard to walk around and gets the mess into the living room a lot quicker. The table now lives in the kitchen. That one change made a huge difference.

I’ve felt so much better about the state of the living room since then, that I decided to put that theory to the test. We cleaned out the shed this afternoon. The wheelbarrow made it really hard to get to most everything. It now lives outside next to the shed. It’s SO much nicer! The porch got cleaned off as well. There was a folding chair out there that has started to become a catchall – it’s back in the laundry room folded up with all the other chairs. My kitchen looks much cleaner now that I got all the junk mail and tools off the kitchen table.

I think that I really like this new practice. Find the one thing in the space that’s the most troublesome or clutter-catching and clean it up. It makes everything else so much easier.

Now it’s time for us to head up to the in-laws’ for a bbq and such. There will be kielbasa, so I am a very happy girl!

Happy cleaning everyone!

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