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Diapers, Drool and Baby Smiles

September 16, 2011

In just a couple of days Miss Ivy will be 6 weeks old! My how the time has flown by! She is a very cute, crying, eating, burping, sleeping, poop machine.

And she smiles.

Of all the things that a new baby can do that are amazing and adorable, smiling definitely tops the list. Even the first little gassy smiles are heart-melters, but once those gas-bubble-induced reflexes turn into full-fledged gummy grins… It’s enough to make even the worst, most miserable, sleepless night worth every second.

Ivy was nearly 12 pounds at her one month check-up. I was amazed! You always wonder if your baby is getting enough to eat at the beginning. I have no more doubts! Next month she’ll have to get a couple of shots (never fun), and SJ is getting her flu vaccine then, too. Luckily she gets to have the flu mist instead of the shot. That will make me quite a bit more sane!

This weekend is a little rough for us around here. Hubby took his new bike (he got a 2003 Yamaha RoadStar a few weeks ago) up to see his brother in Montana. It was a 15 hour drive – about 750 miles – all in one shot. This leaves the girls and I on our own until Monday night when he gets back. It’s not too bad, bed time is the worst of it, with having no one to share baby-holding duty with while we put SJ to bed.

I’m very thankful for my wonderful mother-in-law, especially this weekend. Today she volunteered to take the girls for a few hours so I could take a shower and clean the house a bit. (I hadn’t vacuumed the living room since Ivy was born… I’ve just been brushing the dog hair up mostly every day… yikes!) It looks a lot better in here and I got a chance to de-stress for a while. SJ’s going to spend the night up there tomorrow night, another welcome break from handling double-duty on my own. She loves staying up there – and asks to do so almost every time we go up to visit. They live in the same town, so this is usually several times a week. We try to let her stay up there a saturday night or two a month. She gets to watch ‘Cars’ with her Poppa and then they go to church on sunday and we get to sleep in!

SJ is such a good big sister. She sings to Ivy and kisses her a ton and loves to show her all of her stuffed animals and toys. It’s quite cute. She’s not too fond of Ivy crying in the middle of the night – especially when SJ’s found her way into my room to sleep and the crying wakes her up. When I get her calmed back down SJ will usually flop her head down on her pillow and say “FINALLY! Now I can get some sleep!” I have to laugh!

I can definitely say, however, that I’m VERY thankful to have the support of friends and family out here (even with half of my family living across the country). I am thankful every day that I’m not a single mom – for any length of time anyway. I applaud all those out there that do it on there own every day especially those who don’t have family nearby to help share the load. It’s one of the single hardest jobs in the world, especially when you’re the only employee.

I love my husband as a man – but even more as the father of my children. For every time I get frustrated that he hands me the baby for a diaper change, or sleeps through the late-night crying, I am grateful and blessed that he is there. To make supper when I can’t, to play with SJ when I’m busy feeding Ivy, to hold her while I eat or shower or get a few minutes of needed rest, to ask me if I’m ok when I’m having a hard day. I love him for all that he is and all that he does. Even if he does sleep like a rock!

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