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Dirt Bikes and YouTube

April 4, 2012

Recently I’ve taken up another random hobby.

As some of you may know, lots of my friends are super-cool dirt biker types. Some of them also have GoPros.

For anyone who, by some random chance, doesn’t know what a GoPro is – it is a small HighDefinition video camera. They’re used all over the place – sports like motocross, car racing, surfing and sky diving, and as general purpose hand-held cameras for some tv shows and everyday randomness.

I digress. As said, my friends ride dirt bikes and have GoPros. As such they end up with hours-long clips of them and their other friends riding. Since hardly anybody really wants to sit through an hour and a half of dirt bike trails to see the cool stuff that happens in the middle of the video, I take the footage and edit it down to the cool-guy parts.

It’s really fun for me, especially since I don’t actually get to ride as I have no bike and relatively little spare time. I’m getting to know the local trails via video footage and enjoying listening to the sounds of engines purring (and sometimes screaming) along the trails.

I’m hoping to get even more involved in all of this. We did a photo session a few years back with a bunch of guys jumping ramps and doing some tricks. I really want to do that again and have the footage to go with the pics, too. Those would be some Sick videos! Just a matter of getting everyone on the same page, I guess.

If anyone’s interested in seeing what I’ve been up to check out my YouTube account : and my husband’s (where I put the first 4 or so that I did)

Until the next randomness that I post – Have fun out there!

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