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A New Leaf

April 19, 2012

There come several times in every mother’s life when we are finally and undeniably faced with this fact – our babies are growing up.

There are many little milestones along the way that glare this knowledge at us; crawling, walking, talking, riding a bike. All very big milestones. I would say, however, that kindergarten is one of the biggest. For many this is the first time our kids are away from the security and protection of home. I have been blessed enough to have my Mother-In-Law available and willing to watch my kids while I’m at work. This has been an amazing help to us, both emotionally and financially. However. SJ has never really been on her own. Oh sure, she plays with the kids at church and things, but never where she didn’t have Mommy or Grammy to go to if she was upset. Kindergarten is such a big step. The first time she is really doing something without me, without her Daddy or Grammy or Poppy. She doesn’t act like she’s nervous or scared, but I am scared and nervous for her.

Every parent wonders what kind of person there child is going to be, whether they brought them up to be kind and compassionate and helpful. I know that answer for me. Oh I’ve made made mistakes, heck, I make new ones every day, but this little girl we have – she is the nicest person I think I’ve ever met. She has her moments, she locks her toys in cages when she says they’re being mean and she has an attitude at times, but to live life with this sweet, generous, amazing little girl- she is truly special. She wants to buy things for other people more than herself. She always wants to rescue every living thing we come across. She chases bunnies and birds and tries to ride the dog. She loves everyone and wants to help with everything.

My biggest fear is what will happen with she meets someone that isn’t nice like she is. What will happen if she gets picked on? She is a gentle soul and I don’t know how she will handle someone being mean to her. I don’t know how I’ll handle it. I just hope that she’ll flourish in school like she’s done outside of school. I shouldn’t worry, because she’s amazing and strong and wins over everyone she meets, but I’m her mommy. It’s my job to worry about these things.


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