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Sometimes a Smile

July 26, 2012

Yesterday at work I was reminded of something that I think of every once in a while. Sometimes a smile can make all the difference in the world.

Sure, most people don’t go throughout their day with a sour expression on their face, but in my line of work I see unhappy – and generally pissy people on a fairly regular basis (it’s not that easy to be super friendly when you’re in the middle of a family cookout and are running to get parts for your newly broken toilet). I am downright amazed sometimes at the difference I see in people based on not just their mood but on how they react to others based on said mood.

A couple of examples always stick in my head:
A man, probably in his 60’s, came into the store a couple of minutes after his wife and for whatever reason his face was formed into a rather permanent looking scowl. I said hello but got little response and then determined that this guy was just a plain ol’ grumpy human being and I didn’t offer any further friendliness. He and his wife came to the counter to make their purchase and I talked with her briefly. I must have said something witty, because the husband smiled and chuckled a bit – and became a completely different person. I looked at this man and could not believe it was the same grumpy curmudgeon that walked through the door just 5 minutes prior to that.
The second example was one that I have many instances of, but happened again yesterday.
One of the people that came in towards the end of the day yesterday was a semi-local musician/singer/badass biker dude that my husband knows and that I’ve met a few times.  He came in and asked where something was. He wasn’t unpleasant, but he gave off the ‘loner biker’ impression. When he came back up I mentioned that I liked his bike and he smiled and said ‘thanks’. The difference was instant and complete. The ‘badass biker’ was once again a friendly, cool, super-nice guy.

So when someone is being grumpy to you, or just in general, give them a smile and see if it changes their attitude a little bit. Or when you’re in a bad mood and people are not being friendly to you maybe try smiling a little and see where it gets you.

Because sometimes a smile makes all the difference.

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