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Kids’ Rooms and Cleaning

November 13, 2012

Today has been my most productive day in recent memory.

Lately I have working on trying to get my house clean [finally, again, etc.] in time for my parents to come for a visit over the week of Thanksgiving. I’m really excited for them to come out again, especially since they haven’t seen baby Ivy [who is barely even a baby anymore] since about a week after she was born. SJ is overtired, overwhelmed, and overjoyed!

Like a lot of people I do my best cleaning efforts when I’m on a definite deadline. I have spent the past week or so trying to pick up and organize the guest room/play room/nursery and SJ’s room in an effort to regain my guest room and prepare for Ivy and SJ to share a room. Just over 5 days left and I finally [with the help of my M-I-L yesterday] got SJ’s room mostly organized and [with the help of my niece] got Ivy’s things switched over. She’s sleeping in SJ’s room tonight.. So far it’s going well.. They’re both asleep.. That’s all I can ask at this point.

Tomorrow will hopefully lend itself to the guest room coming back together and me doing lots and Lots of laundry. Yay for ambition!

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