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First week of RVing

December 12, 2013

It has officially been a whole week since Hubby, the kids, the dogs and I moved into the camper. It has also been the coldest week that we’ve had around here in recent memory. Most nights have bottomed out below 0°f and very few days have touched freezing for a high.
I have managed to get a good deal of stuff put away in different cupboards and shelves around the camper, including all of our food- which I didn’t think was possible when we hauled it all in here! There are a lot more hiding places in the RV than you might think.
We have dumped the grey holding tank twice in the past week, which isn’t really too bad. We’ve been trying to conserve water and propane as much as we can, especially with the cooler-than-normal temps.
Summer and Ivy were adjusted to RV life almost immediately. The first evening when we didn’t have any toys unpacked there was a little issue, but I think that was mostly from the long prep days that came before moving day. Summer seems to be sleeping a lot better in her new comfy twin bed, and Ivy loves the stairs and being able to see out all the windows.
The dogs seem to like it here away from town, too. There aren’t always people walking by and stopping at the mailboxes that were across the street from us at the house, so Buddy and Stitch don’t bark very much. They still let us know when someone’s walking down the road in front us, or if the neighborhood dogs get really wound up, but they’re a lot more mellow out here.
There is still a bit to do around here before it’s as good as it will be, but we’re getting there. I am about halfway through putting shrink plastic on the windows that need it. The gate on our fence needs an easier latch on it, and we still have some insulating to do underneath the RV. I’m actually impressed with how well it’s been holding heat with just the single layer of skirting on it.
So, it’s been a great first week. A week that also has me looking forward to slightly warmer days when we can go outside for a while.
I think I’m really going to like this simple,cozy life.

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