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The Internet is Here!

December 15, 2013

Other than an rv dweller, wife, mom, and hardware store woman, I am also a photographer. A photographer with a blog to keep up with. I have my handy WordPress app on my phone, which is great for short blog posts and single photos… not so great for the gallery posts that I usually do. For that I need my laptop and an internet connection. I have been using my in-laws’ wireless signal, which is weak at best out in the rv and was only 1.5mbps to start with.  I decided to go with Elite Broadband on the recommendation of a friend. It’s a local radio-signal broadband company. The install guy was awesome and he got us hooked right up to their 5mbps connection (which is about mid-grade for what they offer). We have a router in my in-laws’ house and one in the RV. The signal is awesome and it’s really fast. I tested it at over 4mbps on my laptop connected to wireless at the end of about 70 feet of ethernet cable.
So, long story short, I now have fast internet again and it is Wonderful! I also am solidly in love with Netflix. So this was extra important 🙂
Now to get some new photos to post!…

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