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Another Exciting Week

December 27, 2013

9am last Sunday: We find that we are suddenly without water. This is strange, considering this was FAR from the coldest night since we’ve been here, I used the shower at about 3am to wash vomit out of Ivy’s hair, and Summer was using the faucet not 10 minutes ago and there was water. This leads me to believe there is an ice chunk blocking the pipe somehow. Hopefully it frees itself up…
12pm: After some detective work I have found the water-stopping culprit – an old pressure regulator the came with the camper. Never reuse a regulator that your not sure how old or dirty it is. Lesson learned.
Sunday afternoon: Christmas tree farm with the whole family- Hubby, Summer, Ivy, in-laws, and myself. There was a hay ride, tree cutting, hot cider, marshmallow roasting, and a mini petting zoo. A great time was had by all.
Early Monday morning: The fun is gone. The stomach flu hit the family and it hit hard. I was going to do a day-by-day of how it went down. You don’t want to read that. Trust me. You don’t.
Long story short; however bad it is with the entire family being sick in a house, it’s SO bad in this small of a space. Like, Really bad. Also, don’t get this stomach flu that’s going around. It’s horrible.
Anyways, we’re all feeling much better this week and life in the rv is good once again!
I’ll update about Christmas very soon.

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