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New Year’s Thoughts

January 3, 2014

It’s officially a new year in the RV. Christmas is finished, resolutions are being made, the weather has been warm(ish), and the year is young.
So far this year Hubby and I have been discussing our life plan again. That is to say, we don’t have one. I struggled with this thought on new year’s day- almost 30 year’s old and we have no real idea of what we’re doing with our lives. We have the girls, we have each other, we have… no idea about anything else. How long will we stay in the camper? Will we stay here in Colorado or move back to the East coast? Will we have another kid? Will we keep in the same line of work? Will I be able to get my photography career to take off?
It’s all a bit overwhelming to think about at times. However uncertain,I do know this: I have my family by my side, and that’s what matters. The rest will sort itself out. I don’t know when, and I don’t know what will come of any of it, but life will be good. We will make our best choices and make the best possible life for our family.

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