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If the Trailer’s A-Rockin…

March 17, 2014

If the trailer’s a-rockin, it must be spring in Colorado. Yep. Winter is pretty much over, we’ve had our couple of weeks of really nice, sunny, calm, mid-50’s weather; now it’s time for gale-force winds for the next couple of months.

Tonight, while putting my kids to bed and reassuring them that “it’s just the windy season starting, there’s nothing to worry about” the only thoughts I could manage were wondering exactly how strong of a wind it would take to knock this RV over and where exactly everything would land if it did. These were not good thoughts, especially since the kids’ dresser would most definitely block their door shut and the twin bed would obviously fall onto the toddler bed. Bad brain! Bad brain!

It’s one of those things that you kind of forget every year living here in the valley. When the weather starts to warm up the winds come off the mountains with fervor. That fervor, for tonight, is estimated to be gusting at 45-60 mph. I have since reassured myself by researching the effects of wind speeds on buildings and RVs 🙂 I’m pretty sure tonight’s gusts aren’t going to do anything except to continue rocking us. Winds are expected to die off around midnight or 1am, so that seems promising.

For now, it’s almost like sitting in my boat…

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