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Winter Life and Little Fixes

June 14, 2014

This winter in the 5th wheel was a combination of amazing and a big learning experience.
We put up shrink plastic on all the essential windows, and put the styrofoam plugs in the skylights, both of which really helped to keep the place warm. The kids’ room was the coldest all winter, since its the garage part, and less insulated. But a space heater and extra pillows and blankets stuffed in the corners really helped keep the chill off. We never did get more than the single layer of skirting put on and a small heater right at the water entrance, but it still held heat surprisingly well. I think we’ll work on putting an extra, more stable layer under there before next winter hits.
The propane worked really well. We went through our 125 gallon tank about every 3 weeks, which wasn’t bad for my cold-bloodedness needing the place kept warmer than Hubby would’ve probably preferred.
We finally put a respectable latch on the gate (from ACE Hardware, of course). I was So happy that it worked as well as it does- even the kids can get in and out of the yard without a problem (we added a pull string on the inside so we don’t have to reach over) and the dogs are nice and secure.
But now winter is over and Summer is fast approaching, so we’re learning to deal with the heat aspects of it, which I don’t mind at all!
We figured out why our fridge was not cooling last summer when we thought it was dying- the fans that cool the motor were not on. At all. Not even a little bit. The thermoswitch that controls them went bad, so the motor was overheating and not functioning when the sun was hot on it. That’s why it worked fine all winter, the motor didn’t overheat. We hardwired the fans and the fridge cooled down to normal within about 12 hours, so we ordered a new thermoswitch on eBay and the whole thing’s been running like a champ!
Now to conquer the weeds outside the fence….
Happy RVing to you all! (And I’ll try to post more than once every 5 months. Haha)

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