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Summer living

June 23, 2014

RV life, and small living in general, has its ups and downs. For instance, I have the canopy pulled down over the front porch (now that I remembered how to) and am relaxing in the shade with the dogs and kids while listening to our built-in outside stereo system.


Love this awning!

On the other hand, I just heated up water on the stove to wash dishes because our $700 water heater died a terrible death last week. Don’t worry, we found one for about $450 (Yay, eBay!) and it’s scheduled to be here on Thursday. Until then I shall be showering next door at the in-laws’ and warming dish water on the stove.


Dish water on the stove....

I’m still in love with RVing full-time. The lack of kitchen counter space gets a little annoying, usually because I have dishes on the counter from not having bothered to wash them every night. And our bedroom would be about 4 square feet bigger if I had a magic wand to make one extra slide out.
It’s wonderful having a simpler life. No constant traffic by the house, no streetlight right out front, neighbors far enough away that you have to yell or walk over to talk to them. The kiddos are loving the fact that we’re right next door to Grammy and Poppy, too.
I recently went back to full time at work so that we can pay my Mother-in-law to watch the kids without her having to work an outside job. Everyone’s a little happier about it being this way. Life is small, life is simple, life is good. 🙂

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  1. June 23, 2014 11:59 am

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