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My hair, and other personal items

June 9, 2011

So. Tonight I decided it was finally time to trim my hair again. My layers were pretty well nonexistent and my bangs were getting obnoxiously long (and by bangs I mean front pieces, of course), so it was time.

As I start thinking about trimming my hair it always gets me thinking about the fact that I’m so protective of it. Which is kind of funny, considering some of the things I’ve put it through.

Very Red


Stripped twice after black

It’s been black, red, purple, stripped, bleached, streaked, tipped and chopped. Though less of the latter. And yet I still can not trust anyone else to cut it or dye it or do pretty much anything to it. I had a perm once, and it wasn’t too bad (although it did stink for Ever when I got it wet). After I found out that I could get the same effect as the perm with some gel in damp hair I decided I really didn’t need to do that again.

I don’t know why I’m so untrusting about other people cutting my hair – perhaps because I’ve heard (and seen) so many disaster stories of people just doing whatever they wanted with someone’s hair (my sister had a mullet at the age of 8).

There are very few things that I actually trust other people to do when it comes to my hair or other parts of my body. Styling is fine as long as I know that they know what they’re doing (like my uncle – who has his own salon in Mass).
As for my tattoos – I went to every shop in town and didn’t find anyone that I liked enough to let near me with a colored needle. I ended up going to a shop the next town over (20 minute drive) and meeting Greg, with whom I instantly connected, and he’s been my artist ever since. I have a cousin on the east coast that I want to get a tat from eventually, but I’d have a really hard time if I had to find someone new to work with locally.

I guess being overprotective just works for me.

It’s not always perfect, but I’m always in control.

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